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A tale of someone who hated books

Books are a uniquely portable magic.That’s what Stephen King said in his memoir regarding the art of writing. Maybe that is why I couldn’t understand when, being in close proximity to the garbage bin, I saw a bag almost full of books, a fact that now, thinking back, really shocks me.

How could anyone throw a bunch of books is beyond my comprehension. Considering I was about fourteen years old back then and honestly not a big fan a books except those related to school and some Tolstoy and Wilkie Collins, I wasn’t surprised very much that some of my neighbors threw out some books to make space for a new TV or God knows what. And with all the shame of searching in someone’s litter bin I took out a volume of The Magus and The Decameron. Now, whenever I think back to that day, I wish I had taken the whole bag of books.

On the other hand, anyone who would read John Fowles and Boccaccio is on my opinion a smart one and I tend to believe that not the person who bought these books is the one that threw them away. I imagine the owner of these works was an old man, an actor or maybe a writer or literature professor. I tend to make these speculations because I noticed that every one of the books had hand-made covers even though all were hard-covered and almost 30 years old. Attention to details really makes me think that this reader understands and treasures the words between the covers.

I can only hope that the family, children or grand-children, got a good deal on the old man’s/lady’s apartment considering that they lost everything else of real value.



2 thoughts on “A tale of someone who hated books

  1. Oh my gracious! That is horrible that someone threw away perfectly good books! My jaw dropped when I started reading this post. I am literally shocked that anyone would do that, for any reason. I mean, getting rid of something (say, books) to make room in one’s house for something else (say, a TV) makes sense, even if I wouldn’t trade those specific objects for each other. But at least they should have donated them to a library or a charity shop. Wastefulness is one of my biggest dislikes in life — I feel the same whenever I see someone throwing away perfectly good food.

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    • Thank you for stopping by! Unfortunately, around here, there isn’t the idea of ‘donating to libraries’. I only heard of this in bigger cites. And since reading isn’t such a big deal – hence the throwing of books – the books would probably end up in the fire – instead of wood. Also, people in the countryside poorest communities would rather have TV and high-speed internet rather than a central heating system – it’s cheaper in the short run. So, you see, some have other priorities.

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