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Books or eBooks – a personal opinion

Since I can remember, I loved reading and being read to, when I haven’t learned to read yet( around the age of 5 year-old). My mom used to read me from a huge fairytale book of Brothers Grimm. Later on, when I learned to read a little, I remember I used to read a books with fairies for more than 10 times. I don’t know what I found so fascinating if I already knew how the story ended. Even now, after more than 10 years, I can still feel my fingers on a short story of the three pigs translated into French. The colors, the musicality of the words, and the covers made the experience almost magical.

Coming back in the present days, I now own my second Kindle and I love it. There was, however, a brief moment of more than a month where my first Kindle was ‘sick’. I send it to get repaired for free, or so I thought. Long story short, things did not got better and I was let known by the service guy that they can repair my Kindle at the same price as a new one. I decided to let it go, as the song goes.

What I wanted to talk is the period when I stayed without my Kindle. From 27th of November until January 8th, I read 10 books + 1 audiobook: poetry, autobiography, short stories, and novels. The thing is, my Kindle made me forget about my bookshelfs and my family’s huge library. Just a few days ago, I ‘stole’ more than ten books from my parents. I’m not sorry. Most of them are novels, the rest poetry.

I rediscovered what people against e-readers arguments: the smell of books, the texture, the history(I found a short story book that dated back to 1973), and the weight, because some of them were really heavy. Still I enjoyed each of them. I read on work breaks, before afternoon naps, and when I ate dinner.(the alternative was watching TV). I devoured a Virginia Woolf novel in less than 48 hours. I used pagemarkers and a heavy dictionary. It felt like a journey, it felt like an adventure.

A few days after the beginning of 2016, however, my new Kindle arrived in the mail. I was afraid to open it because I thought it would take away the magic. I read a short novel and it didn’t feel that awful, the adventure continued. Let me mention that I do not get distracted by Kindle or by the phone when I read, I keep both devices off the Wi-Fi, so no Instagram, no messages, and no beeping. With the ebook, just like with a real book, I take notes and I highlight quotes I love, the only difference being that on a book I note separably the number of page and line and on a kindle I just highlight with my finger. It also depends on the book. If you have to read a book and don’t like it at all, you won’t be able to retain anything, no matter the medium.

E-books are not the enemy. Our beliefes are. If you think that reading on an ereader will keep you away from a ‘mindful’ reading, you’ll be right. But if you are open to the story and focus on it rather than what you’ll remember later, you’ll be amazed. Trust me when I tell that even reading ‘real’ books won’t keep you away from forgetting. I, for instance, read some years back ‘The Magus’ by John Fowles. At that time, the book(with more than 600 pages) was all I could think of for quite a few days. Now, thinking back, I cannot remember more than the place of the story – a greek Island and London – and the end that was ‘OK’ for the main character. Same story with Anna Karenina, just a few more memories: she was unhappily married with a child, she found someone else, she had another baby with him, she died.

What I am trying to say is that whatever medium you use to read, you still forget. And with the load of information that ‘floats’ around us everyday, these times are especially hard to remember what we read last month.

The hopes aren’t lost. So, keep close your new/old book, your ereader, iPod( audiobooks), and newspapers/magazines. They aren’t going anywhere.

As for the debate books-ebooks here are some of the most interesting articles:

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What are your thoughts? Books, ebooks, or both?

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7 thoughts on “Books or eBooks – a personal opinion

  1. For a long time I considered the e-book an abomination, but I didn’t want to be that close minded so I forced myself to try reading digital books. I’ve now read enough e-books to know that I don’t enjoy it. I don’t know if I’ve just been extremely unlucky when it comes to e-books and have only read bad ones, but when I read e-books it feels like a chore. It’s tedious and I just want to get it over with. I never go in thinking “boo e-books suck!” before I start reading them. I’m just excited to read the book, but by the end I’ve realized I didn’t enjoy it. However, when I read a physical book it’s just fun. Even if the book isn’t that great, it’s just fun. I never take notes or highlight when I read so that’s never the problem. I can’t tell you why reading physical books is more fun, it just is, for me.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts. While I don’t have a problem with ebooks, I also like to held a book in my hands, especially old ones :). Since, in my country newest books are launched much later or even never if they are not that popular, ebooks are the only option to read a book published in the US a couple of months ago, for example. Thanks for stopping by ^_^

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  2. I’m a ‘real book’ lover. I have no interest in Kindle. Books are my escape from technology. I like it to be just me and a book. I’m a ‘real book’ lover. I have no interest in Kindle. Books are my escape from technology. I rarely buy books on line. I love buying books, in good condition, from charity shops. I usually donate books I’ve read to local charity shops too. I also support a local bookshop where I live.

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    • I understand where you are coming from, for sure! I was just thinking to myself today, wondering if I’d ever try a Kindle. I just love the feel of a broken spine in my hands, thin paper pages sticking together, the distinct smell of the ink and paper. There’s just something so comforting I love about holding a book in my hands that it’s hard for me to imagine that a Kindle can give me the same join, even if the words are the same.

      That said, I’d like to at least borrow someone’s Kindle once and try it. I’m intrigued enough to purchase one myself just for an experiment that I think I won’t like, but who knows!

      Oh, and I totally am with you about not buying books online — Going into a bookshop is an experience unto itself. I try to only buy books online if there is really no other option.

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      • There is something magical about ‘real’ books. I understand the appeal of kindle but books have a particular role in my life that Kindle doesn’t. If I do buy books online I tend to go through eBay and an independent seller – not Amazon. Amazon has a bad reputation in the UK for staff welfare and tax avoidance!

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  3. Thank you for stopping by! Me too, if I had to choose, I’d choose paper books but since foreign books(aka newest English books) are nowhere to be seen here or really expensive(a double price or more), I got used to reading ebooks. As for the books I don’t read anymore, I donate them to friends, neighbors, or strangers( friends of friends of friends). As for ‘real books’, just last month I bought seven books – all online because the small bookstore in my town is pretty low-equipped.


  4. I understand that when you are faced with two different options you have a choice to make. I may agree with reading physical books over ebooks but there are also territorial limitations. Some publishing houses don’t engage in global trade. And even if they do, it takes a lot of time to have the physical book internationally published. A lot of people are very upset at the ridiculous increase in the cost of shipping overseas which can be only bypassed when you buy ebooks. Sometimes you just have to adapt and use what you have where you are to get the most of it!

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