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The Importance of Online Presence in Job Hunting

In this time and age online presence becomes crucial in keeping your friends&family close, your coworkers in the loop and even in getting you hired in a new place. With the average user having around 3 online accounts(Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram/Pinterest) studies have shown that up to 92% of companies use social media when recruiting. This means you’ll find the job ad on their website’s career, on their LinkedIn or even on their Twitter and Facebook. To give you an example, I found one job on Twitter, one on LinkedIn, and one on Facebook. They are professional companies with whom I collaborate well. Depending on what you do, I write for a living by the way, bigger and even smaller companies started to use Social Media to search for a new employee. Whether you are a social media specialist, a graphic designer, an architect or a statistician, having some kind of social media presence might come in handy.

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